Happy Clients

Since starting my business, I have helped many clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives and achieve what is important to them. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own breakthrough session and do what works best for you.

I found Lucy whilst looking for an experienced Life Coach. She was very professional in our first initial phone call conversation and I felt she is the person I would like to cooperate with.

I have made massive progress! I changed my attitude and way of thinking, I clarified my goals and broke down all my targets into a step by step process of small tasks. The vision of my goal, to create an online merchandise shop became very clear but also more realistic, like my dream was really happening.  Lucy’s questions inspired me to think bigger and look at things from a different angle. Her questions were challenging but at the same time, they helped me to organise my thoughts and create a mind map. Lucy is a very positive person and really friendly. I find her sessions very motivating and they simply give me more energy to keep going.

Also, I learned how to see my progress with her, how to review my plan and see what I learned and where I am. I wasn’t doing that before Lucy’s sessions. Before, it felt like I didn't achieve enough. Now I enjoy the small things and appreciate every step I take and each task finished. What I learned most is to understand whatever I do is a process and I need to enjoy this process as much as achieving goals.

She is so relaxed, friendly and positive. She created a very unique space, where I could focus on my goals. I like her questions, they were constructive and motivational. They weren't just questions that allow you to see your potential but also allow you to think about how you feel and how would my life change if I achieve my goals. Lucy questions also help me to reassure myself why I'm doing what I'm doing, it helped me to find out about my core values.

It was that thought when I realized to achieve what I want, I have to feel like a designer, after all, I'm designing a merchandise shop but had never thought about myself like that before. Lucy helped me to realize that in order to achieve my goals I need to become the person who I want to be now, right now! Again she helped me a lot with feeling good about myself. Sessions definitely boosted my confidence!

When it comes to Lucy’s coaching style I wouldn’t change anything. It was a very inspirational experience for me, it helped me a lot to clear my mind and refocus.

I'm very glad I've done it and I wish for everyone to have this opportunity.


I was pleasantly surprised with the coaching I received from Lucy at Brighter Prospects. I had a fair few areas of my life that I wanted to improve for myself and really didn’t think in six sessions that we could tackle them all, at most I thought one or two. But much to my astonishment, Lucy successfully navigated me through every one of them.  On top of this, the coaching didn’t feel overly onerous, Lucy’s coaching techniques meant that achieving my goals felt enjoyable to work towards and before I knew it I was achieving more than I thought possible.

Its been three months now since the sessions and I seem to have adopted well to my new habits and am still maintaining the positive results, which I think is a real testament to Lucy’s coaching as I have kept the momentum going long beyond us being in touch. Definitely an investment worth making if you have areas of your life you wish to change. What a result. Thanks Lucy x


During the period of coaching, I have made many positive steps in my life, for example stepping up to leadership roles where I may not have previously. I have developed my business in a methodical way, with Lucy’s support as a life coach. I am taking myself more seriously and choosing myself rather than thinking I can’t do things.

Being able to verbalise and explore ideas has been very useful. Lucy is especially impartial and provides a non-judmental space to investigate options and plan. She is interested in helping clients to find their own solutions, so it felt very personalised. I like her approach very much. Her skill was natural and the sessions had a great flow, which meant that we moved a long way during each session.​

Lucy, you’re an excellent coach and I truly value all of the support and care you’ve taken in coaching me over the last year. Thank you.


After my first session with Lucy I had a clear, well defined goal to work towards with a powerful action plan, which left me feeling energised and 100% committed. In my first week I had reached my goal and Lucy had me straight back on my toes thinking about what's next! If you're wanting to take responsibility for yourself and be more proactive, then Lucy is the coach you need. I highly recommend her services.


The tools Lucy used with me provided me with a really useful framework for reflecting on my career, drew attention to beliefs and values I had been unaware of and helped me to clarify my thoughts on what’s really important to me. This process enabled me to get some much needed perspective, gain a deeper understanding of my aspirations and align my current path with my goals. I found Lucy to be thoughtful in her approach and always a careful listener, which enabled her to guide me to my own realisations and resolutions. I thoroughly recommend Lucy to anyone who needs or wants to work out an effective path to achieving their goals, or to gain clarity on what exactly those goals are! Thanks Lucy!


Lucy's sessions were structured, calm and extremely helpful. She has great listening and questioning skills. These skills have allowed me to delve deeper and make me challenge my own way of thinking and behaving in my day to day life. I have since been able to structure my life better and feel that I have achieved a better balance as a result.


Lucy was a very supportive individual, challenging me appropriately, helping unblock my creativity and find my inner strength to let it shine. She has been invaluable in helping me determine the next steps in my career change. I have so far, achieved what I have set out to achieve and this is, in part, due to the coaching skills of Lucy.


I undertook a programme of six weeks coaching to help get started on three issues which, I believe, would improve some aspects of my life. They were:

  • To start work on a book project that has been an idea for several years and not really moved on

  • To get into a habit of regular exercise

  • To address some issues with my relationship with food, especially snacking between meals

The coaching sessions addressed each of these issues. The first was a planning session, the second and third was in relation to the book, and the fourth on exercise, the fifth on diet issues and the sixth sessions involved a review of all three.

I certainly found the coaching to be a very useful aid in addressing each of these issues. The book work was initiated and progressed well to the point that I was well ahead of the initially identified date for completion of the tasks I had set myself, with Lucy’s help. Similarly, the exercise planning worked well, although I did not achieve my set goals I did at least feel I had  made an effective start to this element. The final area for coaching advice was certainly the easiest to achieve. I stopped snacking almost immediately and have – largely – managed to keep those goals.

Overall, I found my experience with a coach to be a very valuable one and certainly I feel achieved results. Lucy was a very effective individual in this coaching role and her friendly and supporting style ensured that every stage of this coaching experience went smoothly and was pleasant and looked forward to. I can highly recommend the coaching experience I have undergone and the professionalism and help of Lucy.


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